CVS Ending Tobacco Sales

Healthy Communities is encouraged to note that two CVS pharmacies in Frankfurt will stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products by October 1. The president of CVS stated the sale of tobacco was inconsistent with the company’s purpose to promote better health and had no place in an environment where healthcare is delivered.

Active Living Workshop

Frankfort will be hosting an Active Living Workshop this spring that will promote wellness and fit lifestyles. The city was one of 10 communities selected to provide community members with healthy lifestyle tips from state experts. Only 50 people will be able to attend the daytime workshop, but there will be an open community event […]

Coalition Encourages Bicycling

Healthy Communities is promoting bicycling among its citizens and has purchased bike racks to place around downtown Frankfurt, which will be installed this spring.  The bike racks will come in two different designs and painted green for healthy communities. According to Carol Price, the racks will help create a convenient atmosphere for people to make […]

Coalition celebrates county health gains

On October 17, 2013, the Healthy Communities Coalition celebrated advances in local health measures at a luncheon at Hawthorn Hall, where Indiana State Department Chief Medical Officer Joan Duwve, commended the coalition on its hand in pulling Clinton County’s health ranking from 51st to 34th in the state in just three years.  “You guys today […]

Clinton County Extension Homemakers Create a Wellness Club

As a result of a mini grant of $500 from Healthy Communities of Clinton County ACHIEVE program, the Clinton County Extension Homemakers have created a new club that will focus on Wellness.  The Extension Homemaker program was created as a program of the Purdue Extension Service.  The Homemaker program is over 100 years old and […]