Youth Rise – Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

Youth RISE! is a federal grant that was awarded to Clinton County this past year.  Healthy Communities is partnering with Purdue Extension and HCET for this grant.  We are one of fifty counties in the nation to receive this grant!

Unfortunately, Clinton County is one of the top counties in Indiana when it comes to teen pregnancy.  Youth RISE! will implement programs into the elementary, middle school, and high school of Frankfort Community Schools over the next five years.  These programs range from positive youth development for the elementary schools to teen pregnancy prevention in the high schools.  There will also be a community based program to help reduce teen pregnancy rates and help build better family relationships within our community.

Youth RISE!’s goal is to both reduce teen pregnancy rates in our county, but also to build better family relationships and promote positive youth development.

Contact Kristina Taylor at Healthy Communities for any questions or addition information.

Support for this project is provided by Health Care Education and Training, Inc. (HCET) through the Office of Adolescent Health/DHHS Grant #TP1AH000115 Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program CFDA 93.297.