Health & Safety

Obesity has become an epidemic leading to many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Tackling obesity through the promotion of healthy eating and exercise.

Walking is one of the best exercises for the body.

Healthy Eating

Use the new plate method from the United States Department of Agriculture for easy meal planning. Fill half the plate with vegetables and fruit, and the rest with one lean protein source such as beans, fish, lean meat, poultry or soy, and one grain serving, aiming for whole-grain options at least half the time. Instead of sugary drinks, wash the meal down with water or fat-free or low-fat milk. Choosing these foods helps your body get the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Bicycle Routes

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Mental Health

A healthy community is not only physical fit, but mentally and emotionally as well. In an effort to make Clinton County a balanced place to live, work and play we are making an effort to expand the awareness of mental health.  Currently, we provide projects such as Emotion BINGO with all the preschools, and are working on a comprehensive resource guide.

Be on the look out as spring approaches when we roll out the following events and programs: the implementation of curriculum into all the schools for suicide prevention training along with teacher training, and our first ever Mental Health 5K in the spring!

Complete Streets

“Complete Streets” is a new term in our vocabulary but the idea behind it is not new. It just means we want streets that take into consideration all modes of transportation. We want people walking, biking, pushing a stroller or in a wheelchair to have a convenient and safe way to get where they are going. Motor vehicles are not the only mode of transportation.

Congratulations to the Frankfort City Council! They have successfully adopted a Complete Streets ordinance for the city and they are putting it good use already!

Preliminary plans for Frankfort’s first Complete Streets project were unveiled at a public meeting for residents of South Maish Road. Each traffic lane on revamped South Maish Road will remain 11 feet wide, but following the Complete Streets concept, the final thoroughfare will also include bike lanes on each side, 2½ feet of curb and gutter and a 6 foot sidewalk on the west side separated from traffic with a 4 wide greenspace. Total project costs will be $4.4 million.

Complete Streets in Frankfort, IN“You’re going to feel like this road has been opened up – but at the same time we’ll be providing a safe route for all who use it –whether drivers or pedestrians, runners or bicyclists,” said project designer Larry Lawlor.

Neighborhood resident, Mary Jo Geilser, was enthused about the plans. “I will say this is refreshing and exciting. I believe this Complete Streets idea is a great thing.”

Healthy Communities of Clinton has reached one of its many goals with the adoption of Complete Streets. The Community Action Plan lays out 7 major goals for health such as access to healthy food, smoke free air and wellness policies.

If you would like to learn more, please visit Complete Streets Program.

Improving children’s safety while Walking and Bicycling

Congratulations to the Community Schools of Frankfort! The Indiana Department of Transportation selected the elementary schools of Frankfort for $74,168 grant to create a comprehensive safe routes plan and provide encouragement, promotion, education, training to get kids walking and biking to school . There were 46 applicants seeking over $8.1 million in funding. $5.1 million was awarded.

Lisa Pierce will serve as the coordinator for this project, which is part of Healthy Communities of Clinton County. The focus on children walking and biking to school is one of health. National obesity is on the rise with 29.5% of Hoosiers being recognized as obese. Children today are likely to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents if changes aren’t made in activity and nutrition choices.

Many activities are in the planning stage with the elementary schools participating in the State “Fifteen Days of Fun on Your Feet” initiative in May and winning $500 for their effort. Walking on Wednesday in a Walking School Bus will be the fall focus with a big Kick Off event on August 11th.

Another grant has been submitted to INDOT for Rossville Elementary and Middle Schools in the amount of $64,000 which will be awarded in October of this year.

To learn more about the program, please visit Frankfort’s Safe Route to School.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.

– Doug Larson, Newspaper Columnist