Clinton County Minority Health Coalition

Minority Health Coalition

Clinton County Minority Health Coalition is reaching Clinton County’s large Hispanic population about health issues such as diabetes, prenatal care, mental health and tobacco. Coordination with two education focused programs based at Purdue University Extension, Plaza Communitaria and Monterrey Tech, provides an important communication tool to reach this population.

The Minority Health Coalition seeks to reach Clinton County’s underserved population providing information and resources about health issues such as health care access, chronic disease management and promoting healthy life styles.

Clinton County Minority Health Coalition Programs

Programs of the CCMHC include:

  • Operation Fit Kids
  • Bienvidedo
  • Grassroots Leadership Programs
  • Screenings
  • Healthfairs
  • Presentation and Awareness
  • Advocacy
  • Promotoras de Salud

Minority Health Coalition Brochure

Clinton County Demographics

The demographic profile of Clinton County has changed a great deal in the last decade. The Hispanic population now make up 33-35% of the student population in the Frankfort schools. The majority of Hispanic families live in Frankfort, the largest town in Clinton County. The 2009 census estimated there to be 5163 people of Hispanic origin. Clinton ranks 45th of 92 in population size among all counties in Indiana . In Hispanic population Clinton County ranks 12th.

In comparing the Clinton population with the Hispanic population, a large difference is the age . There is an age spread from young to old, in Clinton County, but in the Hispanic community, by far the greatest proportion of adults are between 21-40. Employment draws the Hispanic population to Clinton County. There are fewer older Hispanics even among those who have lived locally over 10 years.

Access to Healthcare

Clinton County Health Insurance 2011 Graph

CDC – Reports – Health Disparities – Inequalities – CHDIR – Minority Health.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Nov. 2011.

Compared to the general population in Clinton County there is a large disparity in healthcare insurance coverage. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings 18% of Clinton County is uninsured among the population under 65. Among the Hispanic population surveyed in by Purdue University the percentage was much higher.

The “language barrier” has been identified as the second highest barrier to healthcare running a close second to the “cost of the provider.”

Minority Health Contact

Claudia Houchen

Minority Healthy Coalition Coordinator

(765) 659-6380

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