The primary objective of the prenatal care coordination program of HCCCC is to decrease infant mortality and low birth-weight infants by providing coordination of care from inception of pregnancy to a year after baby is born.

Our care begins with getting women to the doctor all important 1st trimester by getting her signed up for any available insurance plan. follow up through the pregnancy includes eliminating smoking if that is a factor, encouragement to attend pre-natal classes provided by St. Vincent Frankfort Hospital, attending a breast feeding class as well as a Safe Sleep for Baby program. we provide incentives along the way and a one on one community approach. Homes will be visited in the second trimester and a month after baby is born.

These services are designed for all pregnant women and their families we are intentional about reaching those individuals with low incomes and those individuals who are high risk. this program is a partnership of HCCCC, St. Vincent Frankfort Hospital, St. Vincent Health, Purdue Extension Service and IDSH Maternal and Child Division.

Baby & Me – Tobacco Free Program

Quit smoking and get FREE DIAPERS for up to one year!  Complete 4 sessions with our Baby & Me Facilitator and quit smoking prior to the birth of your baby is all that it takes.  Does your partner smoke as well?  They could also qualify for our program – which could mean double the free diapers for you and your baby!   Post partum, you will return every 30 days for a breath or saliva test to show that you are still smoke free and you will receive a voucher.  Contact our Baby & Me Facilitator today to get signed up!

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fetal development chart

baby&me brochure

Car Seat Information

HCCC is a permanent car seat fitting station. This means that we do free car seat inspections and installations to anyone, any time our office is open. You may also schedule an appoinInstalled Car Seattment with us for after hours if needed. We provide car seats for those who qualify through WIC or Medicaid. Every third Monday of the month we hold car seat events at our office all day long, as well as regular car seat events during Car Seat Week in September.

Healthy Babies Contacts

Kathy Martin

Baby & Me -Tobacco Free Facilitator

Carmen DeBruler, RN

Prenatal Care Coordinator