Active Living Workshop

Frankfort will be hosting an Active Living Workshop this spring that will promote wellness and fit lifestyles. The city was one of 10 communities selected to provide community members with healthy lifestyle tips from state experts. Only 50 people will be able to attend the daytime workshop, but there will be an open community event held in the evening.

The daylong workshop will include local leaders and passionate communities members. Director Carol Price stated, “Those who attend will hopefully be the people who can make changes.” A walking portion will also be included in the workshop; participants will go on a walk audit in downtown Frankfurt to assess the accessibility and conditions of the city’s sidewalks and roads. The workshop is provided by Health by Design and the Indiana State Department of Health. Health by Design Executive Director Kim Irwin stated that “the point of the workshop is to see that strong communities are built for all ages and abilities, and to begin planning and designing environments that will allow and encourage residents to be active in their daily lives. If someone can easily walk to the grocery store or bike to work, for example, they’re more likely to do that than drive their car, which benefits them and the community.” The workshop will be held March 31, for more information contact Carol Price at 659-3240.